CropWalk Services, In tandem

Updated: May 4

Before we can properly serve you with any of our customized services, our team needs to takes a long, hard, look under the hood of your pest control program.

We work with growers by conducting a risk assessment of their integrated pest management (IPM) program with the focus of increasing biocontrol efficacy, application efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With the constantly changing agriculture regulatory environments, pesticide resistance, and increasing pest pressures, it is imperative that growers consistently evaluate and fine-tune strategies for protecting their crops.

1. CropWalk Risk Assessment™

The CropWalk Risk Assessment™ begins as a diagnostic gathering of information around the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and external threats, which allows us to uncover risk and potential cost savings.

After the risk assessment, growers receive a detailed scorecard evaluating 10 categories with specific analysis of their risks along with actionable, mitigation advice that can be implemented into an IPM Program.

The risk assessment with the Action Report delivered to the grower lays the foundation for the facility to prevent pests, save labor, and secure their biocontrol supply ch