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6 Pain Points Resolved

Updated: May 4, 2021

1 : No more scrambling to respond to growing pest or pathogen pressures when there's a comprehensive, robust plan with clear preventive and curative actions.

Your farm is different from your neighbors. The way you farm your land and the crops you grow are unique. Shouldn't your integrated pest management program be the same? A CropWalk-designed IPM Program takes the finer points of your operation into account, delivering a deployable plan that's highly customized and can be constantly improved through kaizen principles.


2 : All too often, scouting isn't formalized into data collection, analysis, and program refinement, but we can help tailor just the right scouting plans for specific operational needs, pest pressures, facility design, control methods, and more, with respect to dynamic variables, such as changing seasons and insect populations, both pests, and beneficials.


3 : The inability to identify underlying causes of pressures (systems analysis) or the pressures themselves (taxonomy) is often an issue, We not only develop customized IPM Programs with Identification Guides, but we also offer training programs.


4 : Identification and elimination of risks are commonly overlooked until a new team of eyes scrutinizes the details of processes, property, people, and plants. Our CropWalk Risk Assessment takes a deep dive under the hood to offer critical assessments of underlying IPM threats.


5 : Ensuring that your beneficial insects arrive alive, and in the condition to thrive, is critical so that you can deploy effective control agents. If you are concerned you aren't getting the most "bug for your buck," or you are consistently worried about inventory issues with your supplier, CropWalk's Biocontrol Agent Supply Chain Management service will often save you from overspending and under applying.


6 : It is easy to always feel "behind" when it comes to pest management. Often folks describe the process as "chasing their tail". Your success in pest management is predicated upon your ability to preventatively plan ahead and make minor changes, based on observations, as your crop matures. The old adage of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, could not be more true. In fact, we take it one step ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure(d) flower. Pay it forward, let us walk your crop and develop the plan you can count on.


If Pest Management is Causing YOU Pain,

Learn more about our services here.

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