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After we’ve designed your customized IPM Program, we can train your team around that plan over multiple days with presentations, hands-on exercises, assessments, role-play scenarios, and more with a program designed by university educators.

IPM Training

The CropWalk IPM training program was designed by university educators, informed by scientific advisors, and delivered by horticultural experts, which includes presentations, hands-on training, assessments, role-play scenarios, demonstrations, and more. 


An IPM program is only as good as its worst scout’s ability to diagnose pests in your crops, prevent outbreaks, and monitor your control methods. Lean on our years of training IPM teams, inside knowledge of the biocontrol industry, and confidence to train the skills your team needs to maintain a clean crop.


  • How to efficiently and effectively scout a crop with consistency

  • Using your tools and resources out in the crop

  • Identifying specific pests, lifecycles, and associated damage

  • Logging data for rapid visibility, historical trending,

  • and effective analysis

  • Integrating biocontrol with your chemical applications

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