the CropWalk Audit™ is the Ultimate in High-Value Crop Protection

What is the CropWalk Audit™? How will your crop benefit? Why is it unlike any other #IPM service offered? What's the value proposition? Great questions!

The CropWalk Audit™ is a risk analysis service (a diagnostic deep-dive) aimed at improving operational resiliency by assessing every possible influencing factor on the #IntegratedPestManagement and #biosecurity of high-value crop production.

We audit the plants, processes, property, protocols, people, practices, potential problems, and possibilities.

After lots of preliminary information sharing and a 2-3 day on-site Audit™, you'll have received around 100 hours of dedicated time from our entire team.

The resulting deliverable, a detailed CropWalk Audit™ Action Report, was designed to outline actionable steps to mitigate risks observed during the process, improve product quality, reduce waste, internally improve your IPM program, as well as validate and improve upon the grower's successful efforts.

All findings are explicitly framed in a way to help you improve your own IPM plan.