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After we’ve carried out a risk assessment, we’re very well-positioned to develop a robust and comprehensive IPM Program for your operation, that is specific to your final products, cropping system, genetics, unique structures, and infrastructures, as well as current and likely pest and pathogen pressures. 

IPM Plan Development

We understand that every facility and crop is different, as a result, IPM Programs produced by CropWalk are unique to the operation it's created for. Click here to learn more about what goes into a highly customized, CropWalk-designed IPM Program.

A strong IPM plan does more than just integrate various control measures for pests and pathogens, it integrates IPM into all aspects of operational management since all aspects of an operation influence IPM success. 

While we encourage cultivators to implement the IPM Plan themselves, we can aid in the implementation with our other services such as IPM Training, BCA Supply Chain Management,  and Remote MonitoringExplore our services below, and click

"Let's Talk Crops" to connect with us about your crop.

Our passion is your IPM success.

IPM Plan Framework

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