Remote Monitoring

The best way to grow is with data. CropWalk utilizes 30MHz and BugVision to help you collect environmental conditions and pest pressure data so you can improve your IPM Program and grow operation.

Whether used in tandem, or separately, these monitoring tools will allow us to seamlessly make tactical decisions for your crop. Read more about each tool below.

Beyond implementing these fantastic tools for our biosecurity-based decision making, the insights gleaned from this data have fantastic implications for your grow operation. Our team can help you understand this data, what you can do to change those parameters, and how it impacts your crop.


Just a few examples of areas where these
insights can bring actionable improvements

  • Promoting biocontrol agents

  • Maintaining low pest pressures

  • Disease prevention

  • Precise irrigation timing to avoid irregular watering

  • Manipulating growth levels without the use of PGRs.

  • Propagation success

After we’ve carried out the CropWalk Audit, we're well-positioned to provide ongoing remote monitoring and reporting of your environmental conditions, pest pressures, and biocontrol presence to help your IPM Program improve.


While our IPM Program Development and Training are not pre-requisites for

this service, we highly recommend them for new
or growing operations. 

Available Worldwide



BugVision makes pest management safe and simple. Pre-loaded with crop and pest information, the interface can be set up within minutes for you to start uploading pest data. Add your facility map to keep track of hot-spots and keep it all stored in a secure cloud-based platform.


With our Remote Monitoring service, we can monitor your pest pressures and turn data into actionable improvements to maintain minimal to no-pest populations in your grow operation.

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