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Partial Risk Assessment™

The CropWalk Risk Assesment™ is aimed at operational resiliency that puts every aspect of your business under the spotlight through the lens of biosecurity and IPM and results in a comprehensive action report to guide your risk mitigation efforts. But, maybe you're not ready to commit that much from the budget for one reason or another. Or perhaps you're confident in most aspects of your practices but you still want us to objectively scrutinize certain programs. Maybe you just wanna see if the CropWalk folks really live up to their reputation.


We get it! 


So, our Partial Risk Assessment can offer unbiased reviews of:
🔎 your entire IPM plan and offer practical advice for improvement
🔎 just your biocontrol program 
🔎 your scouting program
🔎 your production practices
🔎 your biosecurity protocols
🔎 or any other operationally-relevant components of the otherwise-exhaustive risk assessment 


We dig deep. The assessment uncovers problems at the roots; before they bloom into financial losses. We've not yet walked a crop where we didn't pull up IPM risks that incredible cultivators didn't realize were growing. An unbiased, objective set of expert eyes goes a long way.

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