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  • What services does CropWalk provide?
    CropWalk offers a very unique suite of IPM-related services to help your operation #StartCleanStayClean. Once we complete our CropWalk Audit™ and deliver your Audit Action Report, we can develop (or improve) your IPM Program, train your staff, manage your BCA supply chain, and even monitor your environmental conditions or pest pressures remotely. Click here to learn more about our service offerings!
  • How do CropWalk services work together?
    Our process begins with a look under the hood of your grow operation with the CropWalk Audit™. This allows us to fully understand your operation and it’s potential risks in terms of IPM and biosecurity. Click here to read more about how our services work in tandem.
  • Must we subscribe to all CropWalk services?
    You do not have to subscribe to all of our services, however, we do encourage new and expanding operations to consider the full suite of services we offer, as they work in tandemeven more effectively than alone. Typically, before we can effectively customize your IPM plan or train your team, we’ll need to complete a CropWalk Audit™ to fully understand your unique operation. Every step of the way around our service circle, we empower and encourage growers to take our actionable advice to create and execute their own IPM Programs without the need for CropWalk. Our primary goal is your CropSuccess.
  • What pain points can CropWalk resolve or prevent?
    Click here to read about six of the pain points we can resolve with our breadth of services.
  • How does the CropWalk Audit™ of biosecurity and IPM risks work?
    TheCropWalk Audit™ is a risk analysis that considers every possible threat to your biosecurity or effectively carrying out your IPM program. After lots of information sharing and a 2-3 day on-site audit, the result is a detailed CropWalk Audit Action Report, outlining actionable steps to mitigate all risks we observed in a way that can be used to help strengthen your IPM program. What influences IPM risks? Basically everything. Workflow, facility design, infrastructure, documentation, record-keeping, training, equipment, tools, horticultural techniques, communication pathways, sanitation protocols, regional pressures, planning, execution, and much more. Our trademark Audit asks every question possible to systematically assess risk levels to your crops.
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