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Environment Sensing

Detailed environmental data and trends to enable powerful, real time decision making.

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Available Worldwide

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Crop environment and production monitoring

        CropWalk utilizes 30MHz: putting together the most reliable sensors available and the most user-friendly data platform on the market to enable our tactical decision making.


           These sensors not only measure standard environment metrics, but also unique parameters such as VPD, dewpoint, CO2, VWC, and PPFD. These sensors can be integrated into a variety of growing platforms such as Wadsworth, Priva, and Argus to make your environment respond to minute-by-minute changes

         Beyond implementing these fantastic tools for our insect-based decision making, the insights gleaned from this data have fantastic implications for your grow. Our team can help you understand this data, what you can do to change those parameters, and how it impacts your crop.


Just a few examples of areas these insights
can bring actionable improvements

  • Disease prevention.

  • Precise irrigation timing to avoid over or under watering.

  • Manipulating growth levels without use of PGRs.

  • Product storage and shipping.

  • Propagation success.

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