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Trusted Biocontrol Vendor

Biocontrol Purchasing

          Our commitment to your biocontrol program is built on trust.


         CropWalk is positioned as a value-first insight provider. Our unique place in the market allows us to work with a variety of insectaries across the world to ensure an unparalleled supply chain.


        Our ordering is drop shipped directly to you ensuring you receive the freshest supply of insects,
which makes a massive difference in their vigor and mortality rate.

         Our pledge is to continually pass on the savings and value we get working with IPM programs across the world to benefit your operation no matter the size.


  • Massive selection of beneficial insects, scouting/identification tools and devices, and microbial biocontrol.

  • Pay by credit/debit card or e-check transfer.

  • E-mail support for your orders. 

  • Efficient delivery network ensures thriving insect and microbial populations.

To Get Started:

E-mail Jason Gauthier: to get your account created and price list 
Contact Charlie McKenzie: to discuss your program in depth

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