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IPM Program Implementation

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IPM Program Implementation

CropWalks IPM program implementation focuses on consulting, vendor management, and scouting. Explore our services below, and click "Let's Talk Crops" to connect with us about your crop.



Our passion is your IPM success.

On-site & Digital IPM Consulting and Monitoring       


     Utilizing biocontrol effectively is the difference between overspending only to send good bugs to their grave and having a thriving population of living defenders of your crop.

          There are many myths, misinformation, and confusion about using biocontrol. Often growers must rely on the companies selling them bugs for recommendations.

    There are many species of insects that can target a variety of pests and have varying effectiveness depending on your climate, crop cycle duration, and grow methodology.

         Using the appropriate insect with the correct application method will save you thousands in your insect and chemical costs and produce cleaner, healthier crops.

         Our team will assess your unique conditions to evaluate the most effective solution to your situation.
           We will work with your team to implement digital tools allowing us to monitor trends in your pest pressure, beneficial insect vitality, and how your environment impacts that system.


        Allow us to streamline your IPM program. Utilize our insect and plant knowledge so
     you can place your focus on all the things that make your crop as prolific as possible.

Biocontrol Vendor Management   

Our commitment to your biocontrol program is built on trust. We honor that trust by offering you access to the largest biocontrol vendors in the country, completely margin free. When we recommend a volume of biocontrol to target your pests, there is full transparency that we do not profit by over diagnosing your problem and selling you on control solutions you do not need.



  • More days of the week you can receive biocontrol. Typically, vendors ship on a specific day.

  • Supply chain security: if any vendor has insect mortality, another vendor will have stock.

  • Volume purchasing discounts that are passed along to you.

  • Best pricing by species of insect.


                Scouting represents the pinnacle of CropWalk’s value-add directly to your crop. This service is available only in select markets. If you are interested in our scouting service, please let us know and we will work to make them available in your region.

         CropWalk’s mission is to offer complete IPM program management, and a critical part of that process is in scouting. We hire scouts with the best attitude, attention to detail, and ability to maintain the integrity of your crop.

          This service completes the IPM program implementation package, and you can grow with the confidence that you are receiving a premier program that focuses on producing crops that thrive using a living system of defenders.

         Our team will visit your crop weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs, carefully and methodically log your crops data, and upload it into a rapidly visible platform to allow
our team and yours to make the best decisions possible for your grow.

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